Posted by: arbeam | September 8, 2012

New commander installed at Keyport

KEYPORT — Capt. David Kohnke relieved Capt. Stephen Iwanowicz as commander of Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Keyport on Friday.

“One of the happy duties of being a commanding officer is celebrating the accomplishments and career milestones of those people who work for me and work with me,” Iwanowicz said during the ceremony at the Naval Undersea Museum. “I have never worked with a more dedicated, motivated, ingenious, productive and generous group of professionals than those here at NUWC Keyport.”

Rear Adm. Thomas Wears, guest speaker at the event, presented Iwanowicz with the Legion of Merit for outstanding service. Iwanowicz, who is retiring from the Navy after 30 years, earned several national awards for his management of energy resources at Keyport. Wears said Iwanowicz “set a high standard of professionalism and accomplishment for all future warfare center commanding officers.”

Kohnke most recently served at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility, working as engineering and planning officer. He has served in the Navy since 1980.








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