Posted by: arbeam | September 9, 2012

When Your Word is Your Honor; ICO the book “No Easy Day”

Subject: When Your Word is Your Honor; ICO the book “No Easy Day”

Friends and Family,

There has been a lot of information posted about the recent book – “No Easy Day” written by a former Navy SEAL.

I believe the article below best describes my former warfare specialty community’s sentiments about the release of the book. Additionally, it “speaks volumes” that our Navy SEAL Foundation (our charity and memorial fund service) is not accepting donations from the proceeds of this book (please see the statement below also). It indicates a unified front from our Active Duty and Retired members.

Just a reminder, to honor the memory of the 9-11 victims this coming Tuesday 11 Sep 2012, by honoring Firemen and women, all Law Enforcement Officers, Emergency Medical Techs, US Coast Guard, Dept of Homeland Security, and Active Duty Armed Forces members. Be situational aware at all times and if you see something – say something!!!

To quote the “Act of Valor” movie if I may – “There are threats everywhere and the world is draped in camouflage, look closer”… “There is hope in valor”.

Feel free to share with others…thank you.

God Bless and God Bless America (GB/GBA).


Jack James

BUD/S Class 70

Read the full When Your Word is Your Honor here


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