Posted by: arbeam | November 25, 2012

Army Navy Game

Saturday December 8, 2012

Kickoff 12:00PM on CBS

When Army and Navy meet, there is no other game with deeper foundations or greater prestige.

The rivalry kicked off 122 years ago when Cadet Dennis Mahan Michie accepted a “challenge” from the Naval Academy and the two squads faced off on The Plain at West Point on November 29, 1890 (Navy had been playing organized football since 1879, and came out on top of the newly-established Army squad). Ever since, through those many years of intense cheers, unforgettable plays and climactic moments, the Army-Navy rivalry has been etched into the minds of countless fans and followers. All it takes is a visit to West Point or Annapolis, where everything (from the finely manicured hedges to the chant following grace-before-meals) proclaims “Beat Navy” or “Beat Army,” to understand how deeply ingrained this rivalry actually is.

USMA-BlackKnights-Logo.svg United State Naval Academy Logo-sports.png
Army Black Knights Navy Midshipmen
Originated 1890
Played annually since 1930 (82 years)
Meetings 112
Most recent 2011
Series leader Navy (56–49–7)
Largest margin of victory Navy 51–0 (1973)
Highest scoring game Navy 58–12 (2002)
Lowest scoring game Tie 0–0 (1923)

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