Posted by: arbeam | January 23, 2013

President’s Message – February 2013

Tim KatonaYour Board spent a Saturday morning reviewing priorities, developing a schedule, and producing an agenda for the coming year.  These three themes helped to guide the discussion: membership; communications; and building strong board leadership for the future.

A strong and robust council membership of over 500 members who are engaged and fulfilled by meeting the Navy League’s Mission is our main goal.  To accomplish this we need to retain our members and continue to attract new members.  This is accomplished by having happy members that feel we are doing worthwhile things to support the sea services. These members want to be part of an organization that communicates well and does what it says it is going to do to support the Navy League mission.  Happy members attract even more members.  Membership of individuals and companies provide the funding to help us accomplish our most vital council missions including supporting active duty sea service members and their families.  One of the more important things we are committed to doing is support our youth programs.  Our youth programs will take on special importance as we look to broaden our impact and provide positive support and influence.

Under the topic of communications we are looking for the most effective and efficient methods of communicating with our membership.  The days of sending out a snail mail newsletter is neither cost effective nor timely in today’s modern age.  With this in mind we have engaged new modern methods of communication through our web site and face book page.  Email has already sped up distribution of our newsletter and will be used in the future to send invitations to Navy League events through an application called Constant Contact.  I am on Linked-in and plan to make my Twitter account available as a method of communicating also.  These shot gun approaches of communication will cover a large spectrum of our membership.  It allows us to communicate to a younger generation that we support and that we would hope to inspire to become our future members.  Of importance is that these forms of communication provide two-way communications so we can get feedback and have many ways of reporting the many great things that your Council is doing.  You’re Council Vice President, Larry Salter will be Chairing the Communications Committee and he will be the central contact for all those coordinating efforts for these communications.  Alan Beam is continuing to be our electronic format communications key person.  He is not a content developer so it is up to the board and the membership to feed him this information so it can be distributed within these various communication tools.   In the following months we will try and contact every member to get their email address and other contact information so that these communications can be sent to you in the formats that best suite you.

The final piece that we discussed is the membership of our board and getting a strong, engaged leadership to carry us into the future.  We need our members volunteering to be on committees and get on our board to help guide and execute our mission.  The goal is for new board members to consider and eventually become officers.  Volunteer organizations and other fraternal groups are starting to see real struggles in their leadership and this is not something that happened over night and is not something we can fix overnight.  We need to think now about who will be our council President five years from now?  We need to attract those future leaders now into our membership and then on to our board and eventually vote them in as our officers.  If you know of strong candidates or if you think you are one of those candidates let me know.   We still need four more board members and we need committee members to do committee work (board membership is not required to serve on a committee). Continuing to build a strong and diverse organization that is passionate about our mission and communicating with them effectively is our plan for success and to keep our organization’s motto “citizens in support of the sea services” strong.


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