Posted by: arbeam | January 23, 2013


In his Presidents Message, Tim Katona discussed our recent Board of Directors retreat and addressed the goal of getting more of our membership involved.  As you all know, we are a volunteer organization, so to accomplish our mission and to continue the outstanding support to the Sea Services that this Council has provided, we need volunteers.  Below is a list of positions or committees where we could use help.  Feel free to contact Tim Katona (360-731-3043) or Larry Salter (360-434-8932) to discuss.

  • Board Members (those that would consider becoming officers in the future are particularly welcome)
  • Committee Members
    • Awards Committee
    • Luncheon Committee—help setting up the monthly luncheons
    • Armed Forces Day Gala
    • Youth Programs
    • Newsletter editor
    • Photographer to take pictures at the luncheons and other events
    • Memorial Day event coordinator

Volunteers do not need to be on the Board of Directors to participate in committees or perform other support functions.  If you would consider being on the Board, we take it pretty easy on new members—more of an indoctrination on how the Board operates.  After the first year we hope our new board members will be willing to assume committee chair positions, officer positions, or other leadership positions.

Larry Salter

Council VP


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