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Feb 15: Navy League Vigor Shipyard Tour @10:15 AM on Harbor Island

Vigor Industries-Seattle

Vigor Shipyards helps keeps America’s security fleets up to speed.

We’re one of three companies nationwide entrusted with multi-ship contracts to maintain U.S. Navy aircraft carriers. We also repair and modernize destroyers, frigates and more across the Pacific Northwest in our yards in Seattle and Everett, with sister Vigor Industrial companies in Portland, and in the Navy’s facilities in Bremerton and Everett..

We’re one of the largest providers of U.S. Coast Guard repair and modernization services in the nation, maintaining a good portion of the red, white and black hull fleet. We’re working with the Coast Guard to return American heavy icebreakers to Arctic and Antarctic. And we’re working with leading naval architects, vessel designers and other Vigor Industrial subsidiaries to meet the Coast Guard’s needs for innovative and efficient Offshore Patrol Cutters.


Vigor Industrial, Seattle WA(formerly Seattle Dry Dock & Shipbuilding Co. [1882-1889], Moran Bros. [1889-1906], Moran Co. [1906-1911], Seattle Construction & Dry Dock Co. [1911-1916], Todd Dry Dock & Construction Co. [1916-1918], Todd Dry Docks Inc. [1918-1940], Seattle-Tacoma Shipbuilding [1941-1944], Todd Shipyards Corp. [1944-1976] and Todd Pacific Shipyards [1976-2011])

Robert Moran and his brothers first established a marine repair facility in Seattle in 1882 and the following year they became involved in a shipyard called Seattle Dry Dock & Shipbuilding Company.  This yard was destroyed by fire in 1889 but the Morans built a new yard, called Moran Brothers Company, to replace it.  This company absorbed Seattle Dry Dock & Shipbuilding but in 1906, the Morans sold out and the name was changed to Moran Company.  In 1911, the company was restructured yet again, this time as Seattle Construction & Dry Dock Co. Ltd., which lasted until 1916, when it was bought by Todd Shipyards and renamed Todd Dry Dock & Construction Co.  The yard was at the foot of Charles Street on the Seattle waterfront.

In May 1918, Todd sold this yard to the Emergency Fleet Corporation, which combined it with the adjoining Skinner & Eddy yard, and bought property for a repair yard on Seattle’s Harbor Island and for a construction yard in Tacoma’s Commencement Bay.  A contract from the U.S. Navy for three cruisers was transferred to the Tacoma yard (qv) and Skinner & Eddy (qv) completed the work that had been in progress at the downtown yard.

After WWI, Todd closed its Tacoma yard and renamed the Seattle operation Todd Dry Docks, Inc.  In 1940, Todd acquired additional property on Harbor Island in order to create additional construction capacity.  This yard, which was designed to build destroyers and was built with $9mm from the Navy, employed 17,000 people at its peak, while the repair yard employed another 5,500.  After the war, Todd acquired the new facilities from the Navy and the combined yard remains in operation today.  In 2011, Todd was acquired by Vigor Industrial, which also owns the US Barge yard in Portland and the former Alaska Ship & Dry Dock yard in Ketchikan, as well as several repair yards in the region.  Visit the Seattle shipyard here and see it from the air on Google here.

List of Ships Built at the Seattle Facility

Vigor Industries is a Corporate Sponsor for our Council. Hope you can come and see the largest commercial shipyard in the state, and please let me know as soon as possible, so we can be sure to have you on the list successfully.

 Byron Faber
Cell 360-434-1144

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