Posted by: arbeam | January 31, 2013

CNO Guidance on Yearlong Continuing Resolution

1. Navy is facing budget shortfalls today because we are funded under a Continuing Resolution (CR). Unless Congress legislates changes, we may have significant additional budget reductions starting in March because of sequestration. These reductions will have the greatest impact on Navy’s Operation and Maintenance (OMN) account in the near term. References (a) through (e) provide guidance for the near-term, reversible actions we are taking today, or soon will take, to slow our obligation rate of OMN funds.

2. This memorandum provides additional detail with regard to actions being taken now to address the CR. It also directs planning and outlines longer-term impacts to Navy should sequestration be triggered. Our priority in the OMN account will be to preserve overseas and forward-deployed readiness to the maximum extent possible.

Read the full CNO directive



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