Posted by: arbeam | May 13, 2013

Bremerton’s Armed Forces Day Parade taking new route

BREMERTON — The 65th Armed Forces Day Parade will travel a new route and feature the sailors and families of the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis.

This year’s parade Saturday will assemble in the Olympic College parking lot, pop across Warren a few blocks to Park Avenue and line up along Park to the starting point at 11th Street. It will turn left onto the old route at Fourth Street, left again at Pacific Avenue and right onto Sixth, where it will disperse.

The Stennis has returned after practically back-to-back deployments to the Middle East. It departed Aug. 27, just four months after completing a seven-month deployment. “For goodness’ sake, they just got home and had to turn around and go back out again,” said Cris Larsen, who organizes the parade for the Bremerton Area Chamber of Commerce. “They need a huge hug from our Bremerton family, and there’s not a town in American that does it better than Bremerton.”

The parade’s theme, “Because of Our Families, and For Our Families’ Future,” recognizes the sailors who went away and their spouses and kids who stayed and held down the fort. There’ll be a special section for them to march in the parade.

The event originated as a tribute to John “Bud” Hawk when the World War II hero returned to Bremerton. The Medal of Honor recipient, who’ll turn 89 May 30, is the perennial grand marshal. He hasn’t been healthy enough to participate the past four years, however. Norm Dicks, the Bremerton native who retired last year after 36 years in Congress, will be the civilian grand marshal and Rear Adm. Mark Rich, Navy Region Northwest commander, the military grand marshal.

The event will be without a couple of fan favorites as the result of federal budget problems, Larsen said. No military plane will fly over nor will a National Guard tank participate.

The number of entries in what’s touted as the biggest and longest-running Armed Forces Day parade in the country will be reduced from the normal 150 to between 125 and 140 because of the shorter route and need to get roads open, Larsen said.

The parade starts at 10 a.m.

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