Posted by: arbeam | July 1, 2013

Where Quiet Comes From

NSWC ARDThe acoustic research facility at Lake Pend O’Reille in Idaho is saving the Navy millions of dollars by providing a place to test sound on 1/4 scale models of ships and submarines.

Tucked away in a quiet little mountain town in Idaho that is best known as a great place to vacation by Lake Pend O’Reille, the Naval Sea Systems Command’s Naval Surface Warfare Center Acoustic Research Detachment, or ARD, in Bayview, Idaho provides a wide range of research and development programs for the Navy in the area of ship and submarine hull and propulsion design. The research detachment’s work has resulted in improved sonar and acoustic stealth performance as well as advanced propulsion systems for several types of submarines.

The facility has also focused on advanced surface propulsion systems and acoustic and electromagnetic signatures aboard surface ships. The ARD was first established after World War II to support ship testing, and in the 1960s it began to focus on submarine acoustic research. The ARD plans to continue developing sonar domes and propulsion noise reduction for the Navy’s submarines and surface ships. Watch the video above to find out more about the ARD’s mission.

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