Posted by: arbeam | July 25, 2013

Sunset Parade Highlights Bangor Security Battalion


The Marine Corps Security Force Battalion from Naval Base Kitsap Bangor conducted its traditional evening parade, July 19, at Olympic High School’s Silverdale Stadium. The parade honors the ceremonial lowering of the flag at sunset. The battalion has conducted this summer parade annually since 1977.

“With the amount of support from the local community in support of our Marines and sailors, we feel it is important to give back and produce an event that showcases the Navy and Marine Corps team and also highlights some of our shared traditions, customs and courtesies. The feedback has been universally positive and we look forward to expanding our community outreach opportunities,” said battalion Sgt. Maj. Steven Burkett.

The guest speaker was Lt. Col Stephen Keane who had just stepped in as the battalion’s commanding officer the previous day, taking over for Lt. Col. Lt. Col. Curtis who transferred to Washington D.C. for a one year Commandant of the Marine Corps Fellowship with the Department of State Bureau of Western Pacific and Easter Asia Affairs.


Parade pass and review duties were handled by Marine Corps Security Force Regiment Sgt. Maj. William Frye Jr.



The parade included a living display of historic Marine Corps and Navy uniforms accompanied by appropriate period music, and a static display portraying the famous flag-raising on Iwo Jima, Feb. 23, 1945.


Northwest Navy Life article


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