Posted by: arbeam | August 1, 2013

USS Bremerton Change of Command Trip Report

There were 4 members of the Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula Council of Navy League who travelled to Pearl Harbor to represent us at the Change of Command of our adopted unit, the USS Bremerton, SSN 698, held on July 26, 2013.


At a delicious dinner at CDR Caleb Kerr’s house on Wed night, we got to meet with the skipper, Hilary, and Henry & Eli, as well as the incoming skipper CDR Wesley Bringham, with his wife Paige & 2 boys, Wade & Cort.

Because of our adoption relationship, Pat & Byron got to go have lunch in the wardroom aboard the Bremerton the following day, and meet some of the crew we had gotten to know over the last few years and from the port visit last year.


On the COC day, July 26, we went to CDR Kerr’s house, where we were taken in vans to the Lockwood Hall Skipper’s Lounge for a buffet breakfast with all the family members & COMMODORE Captain James Childs COMMANDER, SUBMARINE SQUADRON ONE. This is an elegant & historic venue, with photos of submariners, citations & awards from WWII liberally displayed around the walls. One can only imagine the historic people who walked those floors and discussions held there which helped us win WWII.

Afterwards, it was a short walk across the pier to the awnings set up for guests beside the USS Bremerton. Our NL friends, Rear Admiral James Caldwell and his wife Kim were in the front row. They remember our NL council fondly.

USS_Bremerton_Change_of_Command_July_26,_2013_19During the impressive ceremony, both the main speaker, Commodore Childs, and CDR Kerr discussed the very positive effect our” adoption” has had on the crew. They said that our involvement was priceless to their morale & was deeply appreciated. Incidentally, the Ombudsman for the boat and the FRG President said the same thing. We are extremely pleased that we can fulfill our NL mission of supporting the Sea Services with the USS Bremerton. These warriors & their families deserve the best!

Several members of the crew expressed their thanks for our sponsorship during their port call.

CDR Bringham hopes to bring the boat back to Bremerton as soon as possible, hopefully in time to see some Mariners games. He & his boys are great baseball fans.

It was a great pleasure & was very fulfilling to be able to participate in this with our USS Bremerton adopted family – Pat and Byron Faber


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