Posted by: arbeam | September 13, 2013

Behning relieves Tolliver As SUBRON 17 commander

BANGOR, Wash. – Capt. John Tolliver turned over command of Submarine Squadron 17 to Capt. Mark Behning during a change of command ceremony Sept. 12 at the Deterrent Park, Bangor, Wash.

As the squadron’s commander, Tolliver oversaw 33 strategic patrols, planned and executed 25 ballistic missile nuclear submarine (SSBN) refits including 11 dry dockings, and revolutionized the SSBN crew certification process.

Tolliver’s next assignment will be on the Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Study Group in Newport, Rhode Island. Behning comes to Submarine Squadron 17 from the staff of Commander, Submarine Force U.S. Pacific Fleet. He previously served as commanding officer of USS Nevada (SSBN 733) Blue and Gold Crews, and executive officer of USS Alaska (SSBN 733).

Submarine Squadron 17 is responsible for manning, training and equipping seven ballistic missile submarines and 14 crews homeported at Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor.

 Navy News article



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