Posted by: arbeam | October 27, 2013

Support the Retsil Veterans Home

Retsil Washington Veterans Home

 Washington Veterans Home – Retsil

For some time now, whenever I have a book, video, clothing or anything else I’ve decided I don’t need (but is still in good condition), I’ve put these in a box that periodically goes over to the Veteran’s home at Retsil. The folks there often don’t have much & really appreciate having things that we sometimes take for granted. I have always felt that it is better to give items to our veterans than to some nameless organization where you don’t know where they will end up. I’ve even heard that some organizations which get public donations send them out of the country for cash payments. I’d rather do something that benefits our Veterans, and Retsil isn’t all that far away. If you can’t get your donations over there, I’m sure some of our Navy League folks would help deliver them.

Also, they have an active volunteer program & need helpers to come assist the folks there with various activities & tasks. Every month, they have a list of specific things they need, but that is separate from our random donations of things we don’t need. – Byron Faber


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