Posted by: arbeam | November 21, 2013

USS Bremerton: Captains Log

USS_Bremerton_SSN_698_logoBremerton Navy League,

badfish logoThere have been a lot of great things going on onboard the Bad Fish! It has been a very busy October and November for us, and we are all ready to spend some well-deserved time at home.

When I last wrote, we were conducting our mine warfare exercise off the coast of Hawaii. The exercise went very well as we were able to launch four mines successfully. One of the mines initially failed to launch, but the team fought through the failure, and we were able to launch it on day 2 of the exercise.

070313-N-9486C-001Following the MINE-EX, we spent 2 weeks inport preparing for our Material Inspection, conducted by the Navy’s Board of Inspection and Survey. INSURV is an inspection of the material condition of a ship that is conducted about every 7 years. The INSURV board is part of the Secretary of the Navy’s staff and is mandated by Congress with verifying that the inspected ship’s material condition is at a sufficiently high standard to meet the nation’s war fighting requirements. INSURV can be considered both an inspection of the ship’s material readiness and of the crew’s ability to maintain the ship. During the Material Inspection, the INSURV team onboard (made up of 15 inspectors!) was very impressed with the attitude, drive, and operational proficiency of Bremerton’s crew. Seeing them in action really made me proud to be part of this team!

We had our first dependents cruise at the beginning of the INSURV underway. Over 20 dependents came onboard, and all were very gratified to be able to watch the Bad Fish in action. I also know that the crew was excited to show off their boat. I look forward to round 2 of our dependents cruise next month.

After INSURV, we spent a short time in Pearl Harbor, and then got underway for an exercise with the Japanese diesel submarine, JS Unryu. During our underway, we were able to focus heavily on our watch qualifications, which will help us prepare for our next milestone of the Docking Selected Restricted Availability (DSRA). It is very important that we have our team qualified to fill all the positions that we will need when we come out of the shipyard, and I have been happy with the crew’s push to work hard on qualifications and operational proficiency. Also, during this underway we welcomed aboard 3 members of the Unryu crew, and the Bad Fish team proved to be excellent hosts, even helping Sonar Chief Petty Officer Ueda to celebrate his birthday underway!

Following our sub-on-sub exercise, we pulled into Pearl Harbor over the weekend for a short port visit, and are now supporting the deployment work up for USS North Carolina. This is an important task, as it will make sure that the Submarine Force’s next deploying asset is ready to carry out the nation’s business in the Western Pacific.

Now, we are ready to come back home and spend the next few weeks enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday in our beautiful homeport, working on our American classic to make sure that she runs like a dream, and training with the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard to prepare ourselves for the DSRA that starts in January. After that, we will get underway, again for some deployment support. At the beginning of the underway, we will have our rescheduled dependent’s cruise.

Until next time…and have a great Thanksgiving Holiday!

Best regards,
CDR Wes Bringham


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