Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula Council Navy League of the US

Bremerton Navy Hospital tour Dec 4, 2013


On a brilliant sunny but cold Dec 4, we had 17 Navy Leaguers & guests who had the privilege of touring our “State of the Art” Navy Hospital Bremerton.

NHB has a three-fold primary mission to support our warfighters, past and present, and their families by: providing exceptional care anytime, anywhere; shape military medicine through training, research and graduate medical education; and to prepare our forces for deployment.

We were treated to an extensive tour of the facilities.

First was the pharmacy (partially operated by robotic dispensers for the most commonly prescribed medications).  They operate 24 hours a day and process approximately 1,850 prescriptions per day.

We then went to the Family Medicine clinic area, where we learned that they have a very proactive system of having everything ready for the patient before they arrive, including upcoming tests ready to order, and do it all via a team approach, so that the patient sees care givers who already know them and their medical history.

We next went to Physical Therapy, where they showed us the extensive equipment for all kinds of muscle & skeletal assistance, including using a Wii system to identify which body areas need more help, making some of the exercising more fun instead of just tedious.

The Radiology Dept then showed us very modern mammography equipment (Reminding all the ladies that they really NEED to get yearly mammograms as the best way to detect early disease when there is a greater likelihood of being able to cure it & improve survival).  Also, an interesting point is that about  2 percent of breast cancer occurs in males.

On the Seventh floor, we got to see NHB’s Staff Education and Training Department Simulation Lab and computer-animated/enhanced dummies for general medical teaching as well as OB training.  The “pregnant mother dummy” even delivers a “baby dummy.”

At the Northwest Beginnings Family Birthing Center , we saw a birthing room, which is where the moms come for labor, delivery & postpartum care.  The baby stays right in the room as well.  If a delivery becomes difficult, there is an operating room set up for c sections right there, too.   The rooms are very family friendly, and family members can sleep right in the same room, to help the new mom if desired.  By keeping mom & baby in the same room, bonding is facilitated.  They average about two deliveries per day throughout  the entire year, well over 700 births annually.

It is a beautiful facility right on the shoreline, with great sweeping views of the water & mountains beyond.  Some factors seem like a luxurious hotel, with a warm & inviting atmosphere, great care givers & well thought out plans for expert medical care.  The Residency program trains 18 physicians per year.  The current Commanding Officer, Capt. Christopher Quarles MD, even had his residency training right here at the Naval Hospital Bremerton.

There are 1400 people on the staff – 800 active duty, 400 civilian, 150 contractor, 75 American Red Cross volunteers – and currently there are about 20 personnel downrange supporting contingency operations in Afghanistan.

Our thanks goes to our tall red headed & fun friend Doug Stutz, for organizing a great experience and having exceptional people explain each area for us.  He even was the photographer for our group shot.