Posted by: arbeam | January 29, 2014

A True Joint Effort; USMC War Memorial Flag presentation to the MCSFB by Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula Council Navy League

Personal at the presentation were: MACM (SW/AW) Serrano, CDR (Ret) James, LCol Keane, and StgMaj Burkett.

MACM (SW/AW) Serrano, CDR (Ret) James, LCol Keane, and StgMaj Burkett.

Our modern military is truly a “joint effort”.  The term “Band of Brothers” crosses service lines and warfare specialties on a lot of levels.  Background information: during a deployment to Qatar in 2002 to support Special Operation Command Central Froward; Colonel Neil Dennington (Chaplain Corps, US Army) and Commander Jack James (US Navy SEAL) shared a tent with other officers, and developed a great working relationship during and after the deployment.  Both men kept in contact even after they both retired from active duty.
In earlier December 2013, Colonel (Ret) Dennington contacted CDR (Ret) James with a hallmark opportunity to pass a retired flag from the Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima Memorial) to an active duty Marine Corps command.  James’s first response was the Marine Corps Security Force Battalion at Bangor WA.
James contacted the Battalion Senior Enlisted person – Sergeant Major Steven Burkett, who was very receptive to accepting the flag.  On Wednesday 18 December 2013,  the flag was presented to the MCSFB Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Keane.

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