Posted by: arbeam | February 5, 2014

Alabama Blue Wins Trident Submarine Outstanding Performance Award

Olympic Bowl Presentation 2012

Olympic Bowl Presentation 2012

USS ALABAMA – The Blue crew of USS Alabama (SSBN 731) was named the recipient of the 2013 Trident Submarine Outstanding Performance Award Jan. 22 by Commander of Submarine Forces U.S. Pacific Fleet Rear Adm. Phillip G. Sawyer.

The award, also known as the Olympic Bowl Trophy, is presented annually by the Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula Council of the Navy League to the top ballistic missile submarine in the U.S. Pacific Fleet.

“Alabama Blue has done an absolutely stellar job over the last year. Their dedication and day-to-day efforts in support of the strategic deterrence mission were vital to success and produced consistent performance across all areas,” said Commodore of Submarine Squadron 17 Capt. Mark D. Behning. Alabama Blue is the embodiment of teamwork. From the CO and the crew to the families and support organizations, they truly work as one team to get the job done right.”

The crew set itself apart by spending a quarter of 2013 supporting the national strategic deterrence mission and achieving superior marks in every area of readiness during the year.

These areas include weapons system performance and readiness, navigation performance and practices, communication system performance, material condition and engineering readiness, personnel readiness, initiative in promoting new operational concepts, special recognition received from outside organizations and tactical readiness.

The Alabama Blue Crew is scheduled to receive the Olympic Bowl Trophy May 17 at the Bremerton, Wash. Armed Forces Gala.

Navy News Article


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