Posted by: arbeam | March 24, 2014

24 Mar: Tour of SAFE Boats


On March 24, 2014 SAFE Boats International graciously arranged for 16 Navy Leaguers to tour their Bremerton facility. They also have a manufacturing location in Tacoma where the larger (over 44 feet) boats are built. The boats are manufactured on a largely custom basis for all US services as well as for over 65 countries and other entities around the world. It takes approximately 6 months to build a boat and the assembly process is much like building a giant model using welds instead of glue. Around 20 boats are completed each month. Many use Honda engines and, as such, SAFE Boats is the #1 Honda dealer in the US. Each boat can cost $1.5 million.

We toured through and outside the building and saw every step in the manufacturing process, including the giant sheets of flat aluminum, the precision marking and cutting of parts from those sheets, rolling, assembling, welding and electronics installation. And completed boats. Very impressive. An interesting note is that the hull design includes special stringers which help to get the boat higher out of the water at speed and insure a smooth rather than pounding ride.

If anyone wants to learn more about SAFE Boats (Secured Around Flotation Equipped) please visit their website Thank you SAFE Boats and thank you Byron Faber for setting up the tour. As always, a great one. – Norman Marten


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