Posted by: arbeam | April 28, 2014

Apr 10: Tour of Madigan Army Medical Center

MAMC TourWe met our tour guide, Ms.  Hylie Jan Pressey, Madigan Customer Service Officer, outside the original Madigan Army Medical Center located one mile from the “new” Madigan Medical Center and started our tour. Mr. Troy Wilson, IT Technician & Mr. Courtney Lindsay, Simulation Technician met us for hands on demonstration of the robotic simulators, equipment and technology in 8,000 sq. Ft. Training space at Andersen Simulation Center.  They are in charge of teaching staff and other visiting personnel how to handle emergency situations in any of 17 medical specialties, from firing range injuries and IED injuries to kidney failure to assisting in birthing a child on a grocery store floor.  Situational software is able to have the robotic simulator give the medical personnel (students) feedback, including breathing, pulse, blood pressure, airway obstruction, amount of medication in the bloodstream, neo-natal heartbeat, etc.The center has robotic simulators ranging from newborn – through teens – to adults of both sexes, each having many software configuration situations. This training improves patient safety, practitioner efficiency and competency in the hospital as well as improving the care of all military personnel in harm’s way. Since the center opened in May, 2002 over 29,000 medical personnel have been trained there.

Next we went to the new Madigan Hospital to their Medical Mall for outpatient care.  A huge area is staffed by both military & civilians, to include a robust volunteer staff that saves $1.6 million per year.

Our next stop was the Radiology Department.  Madigan now stores all the radiology records from 1992 to the present for all patients seen by any army facility in 20 western states.  Records can be electronically sent immediately to any facility on request.  Staff physicians are available 24/7.

It was then time to head for the hospital supply area downstairs and watch some of the 23 famous robotic carts, which have replaced 35 full time personnel. These carts transport supplies, laundry, trash throughout the facility in the intercostal space located between the floors or underground which keeps the hallways cleared.   This system was the first of its kind, but has been copied by other institutions.

The carts run on a 4 hour charge, and if needed, will automatically locate a charging station, plug in and be ready to be on their way in 15 minutes.  The robotic carts even have their own dedicated elevators.

This completed the Madigan portion of the tour & it was then off to Patriot’s Landing, where Karen Getchell had arranged a Filet Mignon or Salmon lunch for our group.  After lunch we were treated to a tour of their fine facilities, including a sample apartment and a representative 2 bedroom cottage.   Patriot’s Landing is able to handle all ages over 55 and many condition statuses.  They currently have over 200 residents and a vigorous program of activities for their folks.

You don’t have to be ex-military or spouse to live there, but about 90 % are.   Http://


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