Posted by: arbeam | June 15, 2014

USS Bremerton: Captain’s Log

Hello Bremerton Navy League Friends –

badfish logoUSS_Bremerton_SSN_698_logoThings are going well on the Bad Fish.  We are in our fifth month of our Docking Selected Restricted Availability at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard.  We have been in drydock since the end of January, and I am very excited at the maintenance and improvements that we have been able to accomplish while we have been in the dock.  We are putting a lot of effort into aesthetic and material improvements, and the ship is going to look and run great when we get out.  This is a much-needed maintenance period, as the ship has been worked hard over the last several years while doing the country’s business.  The ship clearly needed the maintenance, and we have repaired several major components shipwide.  Despite our well-worn appearance when we entered the yard, I haven’t let anyone talk down the Bad Fish, and I have gotten the shipyard to buy in to our terminology – we don’t call her an “old” boat…instead, she is an “American Classic!

To make a classic run takes a special crew, and I am blessed with the best crew in the Pacific Fleet.  Your Sailors have performed extremely well throughout this availability, working hard to improve both the material condition and preservation of the Bad Fish.  There have been some long hours as we push to complete our availability and get back to sea, but my crew has been great – holding their heads high and keeping smiles on their faces.  I’m very proud of them.

To add to that, my crew, led by my capable Executive Officer (Jeff Fassbender who hails from Wisconsin), my stellar Department Heads (Engineer – Rob Low from Michigan, Navigator – Brad Boyd from Ohio, Weapons Officer – Joe Huck from Connecticut, and Supply Officer – Colleton Miller from Kentucky), and my top-notch Chiefs Quarters (led by Wade Tandberg, my Chief of the Boat from Washington State)  have done a great job in developing and running a rigorous training program while we are in the shipyard.  Our training focuses on navigation, submerged contact management, surfaced shiphandling, ship control, and propulsion plant operations.  This training will ensure that we are able to still do our primary job, which is to take the Bad Fish back to sea, ready to go in harm’s way.

I expect that the end of the availability will come quickly for us once we undock in less than a month.  We will have several milestone inspections and events over the next couple months, then we will finally take the boat back to sea during Sea Trials at the end of the summer.  After that, all of our focus will be on regaining operational proficiency and beginning our deployment preparations.

One of the normal events following a shipyard availability is a trip up to the sound range in Alaska, and we will transit there this fall to ensure that we remain in fighting trim.  Following our Alaska stop, we are planning to pay a visit to the best liberty port on the West Coast – our namesake city.  Once our schedule is a bit more solid, we will zero in on the exact dates for our visit and will pass those your way.

I have attached a picture of us heading outbound to sea (taken from the Hickam Officer’s Club), mainly to remind myself that we will soon be headed outbound to “Papa Hotel” – I can’t wait!
USS Bremerton outbound
Please feel free to drop me a line ( if you want to check up on your boat.

Aloha –

Wes Bringham

Bremerton CO Wes Bringham


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