Posted by: arbeam | July 21, 2014

July 12: Tour of USS Shoup (DDG 86)


USS_Shoup_DDG-86_CrestSeveral Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula Council Navy Leaguers were treated to an exceptional tour of the USS Shoup on July 12. The ship is named after General David Shoup, who received the Medal of Honor for actions at Tarawa during WWII. The ship’s current CO is CDR Bryant Trost.

We were greeted by ENS Victoria Hudgins, who is the Ordinance Officer & ship’s PAO. The tour began on the front deck, where the ship’s 5″ gun and multiple missile launchers were explained. At each location, ENS Hudgins had arranged for very knowledgeable sailors to describe their areas of responsibility. The sailors exhibited great pride and breadth of comprehension of the ship’s various functions.

Sea Trials

The ship is 509 ft long & 9,180 tons, only slightly smaller than a WWII Light Cruiser. However, this ship’s armament & capability far exceeds the ships of WWII. The Tomahawk missiles can travel over 1,000 miles and are very accurate. If it lands even 3 ft off target, it is considered a miss. Impressive!!

The fuel capacity is 540,000 gal and they can load it at a rate of 3,000 gal per minute through a 7 inch hose. They refuel normally about once a week during deployment.

The ship is protected from Chemical, Biological and Radiation threats by being internally pressurized as well as with an external wash down capability.

In the Engineering Dept, we learned that they can make many thousands of gallons of fresh water every day, and have enough food storage for 2-3 weeks. If required, the ship can be made ready to sail in 2 hours.


They can carry 2 helos if needed and on the aft decks there are many more missiles, a CIWS that can shoot 4,500 rounds per minute and mounts for 50 Cal machine guns. This is all in addition to the 5″ gun forward, the 25 MM gun midships, and the torpedo launchers. What a lot of firepower! It is extremely capable of defending the aircraft carrier to which it is assigned.

The wonderful people we met are justifiably proud of this powerful & magnificent warship.

And the CO can certainly be pleased with the high morale & professionalism his crew demonstrated. We all came away with a deep admiration and appreciation for each of these fine sailors.


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