Posted by: arbeam | August 3, 2014

July 30: Loss of Carolyn Dankers

Carolyn DankersCarolyn Dankers, past President and current Board Member of our Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula Navy League Council passed the morning of Wednesday, July 30th. Back in 2008, Carolyn had eye surgery to remove a small Melanoma spot. Six years later, it became obvious that the Melanoma cancer had spread to her liver, her lungs and her bones.

The speed at which she succumbed to the cancer came as a surprise to all of us who considered Carolyn to be “Super Woman”. She was involved in so many activities in our Kitsap community that it would be impossible to list everything. For Navy League, Carolyn served as our council’s Board President, and then she went on to serve as the Northwest Coastal Area President and finally she served as a National Director. Carolyn somehow found time to also serve on the United Way Board, the Kitsap County Historical Society Board and the Kitsap Regional Library Foundation Board.

Last year, Carolyn received the “Citizen of the Year” award from the East Bremerton Rotary. The award is given to non-Rotarians, who exemplify the Rotary ideal of “Service Above Self”, making significant contributions to the community. She was cited as someone who builds bridges among various organizations and motivates others to work for the betterment of those in need.

Carolyn’s “super woman” status started many years ago. Her daughter, Sheri Tousey, said that her Mom was President of just about every organization in her high school in Marin county, California. She was elected to serve as the Student Body President, which was a position usually held by one of the male students. She was only 16 when she graduated from High School and had her Associates Degree by the time she was 18. Carolyn then went on to obtain her teaching degree from California State University at Chico. She was teaching Jr. High students when she decided to get her Master’s Degree. She did her Master’s thesis on “Effective Methods of Teaching Reading”. Then, of course, she was selected to serve as the “President of the National Reading Association” and later served as the President of the “National Education Association”.

Carolyn worked on obtaining her PhD in Education for six years. She would work full-time during the regular school year, teaching college students at CSU-Chico and then attend her doctorate classes during the summer quarters at the University of Southern California. This time, her doctoral thesis was on “Effective Methods of Teaching”. She served as the key-note speaker at many education conventions. She was the leading authority in California regarding “State Textbook Adoptions”. After teaching at California State University at Chico for almost 40 years, Carolyn retired as Professor Emeritus and moved to Washington state to be closer to her daughter, Sheri. Sheri mentioned that one of Carolyn’s former college students wrote a nice card to Carolyn during her illness. This former student said that one thing Dr. Carolyn Dankers stated has always stayed with her. “Demand respect and treat everyone with love”.

A” Celebration of Life” will be conducted in September per her request. More information will be published when available.



  1. My sorrow at the loss of Mrs. Toussey can’t be measured. A great support to me as, both, teacher and mentor. Even though I hadn’t seen her in to many years her love and kindness has always stayed with me. I will always hold her dear to my heart. My condolences to her family.

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