Posted by: arbeam | December 6, 2014

Navy League Legislative Support

Navy League Masthead

Dear Navy Leaguer,

I am writing to ask for your support of a new Navy League program. As you know, we recently reached our fundraising goal and were able to purchase a voter-response software, This software system, also accessible via a link from the main Navy League homepage, allows Navy Leaguers to easily write or call their member of Congress.

As Navy League leaders, you know how important our work is to the sea services. As the budget shrinks and threats from around the world increase, we need strong maritime services. Our voice is needed on Capitol Hill more than ever to tell Congress that the sea services must receive the funding they need.

It is imperative that Navy Leaguers visit and utilize this feature often. One of the primary missions of the Navy League is to inform Congress and the American public on the importance of strong services. The more Congress hears from the Navy League, the more influence we will have as it realizes that Navy Leaguers are politically engaged-they pay attention and make their voices heard. As Navy Leaguers share the website with their friends via social media, the Navy League can also use that pool to identify potential members and grow the Navy League. As leaders in your council, we ask for you to help your council members get excited about this tool. We all joined the Navy League to help the sea services-help them today by writing Congress.

Our current campaigns are extremely important:
Stop sequestration: Tell Congress that the mandated budget cuts of $500 billion over 1 years hurt the sea services at a time when they are needed most.
Fund the Maritime Security Program: The Maritime Security Program, which funds a public-private partnership necessary for sealift in times of national emergency, was gutted in the Appropriations bill. We can speak out to restore that funding.
Food for Peace: Enforcing needed cargo preference is integral to keeping the U.S.-flag Merchant Marine strong. Recent action has reduced the amount of cargo and we ask that the requirements of this popular program be kept.
Help WWII Merchant Marine Veterans: Ensure WWII Merchant Marine veterans are recognized for their service.
Fund Harbor Maintenance: Ensure the trust is used as it was intended-to keep our ports dredged and maintained to protect commerce and trade.
Pass the Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Reauthorization Act: This bill reauthorizes major Coast Guard programs, including its recapitalization plan, and strengthens cargo preference. It is in very real danger of not passing the Senate next week-the Coast Guard needs you to write your Senators today.
Pass the National Defense Authorization Act: Ensure the Department of Defense has the authorization for new programs, creates a separate account for funding the Ohio-class replacement, and ensures an 11-carrier Navy.

Thank you for your help in supporting the sea services, and visit today!

Jack Ritter,
National Vice President, Legislative Affairs


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