Posted by: arbeam | January 30, 2015

President’s Corner: Feb 2015

Tim KatonaIt is great to be back as the President of our Council. I wanted to take just a few moments to congratulate Larry on his successful second term and his outstanding leadership of our council and the focus on our core values. He especially strengthened our Youth programs and concentrated on revitalizing our membership. He made sure we were focusing on the Active Duty Military and allowing them to really understand that our community loves having them here and want to continue to support all that they do to server the country.   Through events like the Gala and individual award presentations to over 50 active duty sea service personnel we were able to really interface the community and those service members.

As we look forward to the future we will continue to strengthen our council and thus strengthen the support we are providing the sea services. We are continuing to review our goals and build solid committees to carry out our mission. We are continuing to add active members and we want to be able to communicate to them ways that they can be involved. We want to continue to attract those individuals and business with a passion to carry our mission of a dedicated civilian organization informing the American people and their government that the United States of America’s National Defense and Economic wellbeing is dependent on a strong sea service that is so well represented here in the Puget Sound. I am so looking forward to working with all of you and want to thank you for all that you do for the Navy League.


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