Posted by: arbeam | February 16, 2015

NBK Bangor Draft EIS for Service Pier Extension Announced

The Navy has prepared a Draft EIS to evaluate the potential environmental impacts from the Navy’s proposed construction and operation of new security structures and for the extension of the existing Service Pier on Naval Base Kitsap Bangor.

mapbangor_lwi_speNaval Base Kitsap Bangor, located on Hood Canal approximately
20 miles (30 kilometers) west of Seattle, Washington (see adjacent map), provides berthing and support services to United States (U.S.) Department of the Navy (Navy) OHIO Class ballistic missile submarines, hereafter referred to as TRIDENT submarines, as well as a SEAWOLF Class submarine.

The Navy is proposing and analyzing two projects on the Naval Base Kitsap Bangor waterfront to: (1) comply with Department of Defense directives to protect TRIDENT submarines from increased and evolving threats and to prevent the seizure, damage or destruction of military assets and (2) eliminate deployment constraints and improve maintenance of SEAWOLF Class submarines.


The Proposed Actions include:

  • Land-Water Interface
    • Complete the perimeter of the Waterfront Restricted Area by constructing and operating barrier structures at its northern and southern ends using either pile-supported piers or Port Security Barriers to connect the existing on-water Port Security Barrier system and the on-land Waterfront Security Enclave.
  • Service Pier Extension
    • Extend and operate the existing Service Pier and construct and operate support facilities to accommodate the transfer of two SEAWOLF Class submarines from Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton to Naval Base Kitsap Bangor.

The Notice of Availability (NOA) and Notice of Public Meeting (NOPM) for the Draft EIS for the Land-Water Interface (LWI) and Service Pier Extension (SPE) will be published in the Federal Register on February 13, 2015.

The Navy has prepared the Draft EIS, which evaluates the potential environmental effects of constructing and operating the LWI and SPE at Naval Base Kitsap Bangor.

Public Draft EIS Review Period: February 13 – April 13, 2015

Public Meetings:

Open House Information Session: 5:00-6:30 P.M.Presentation and Verbal Comment Session: 6:30-8:00 P.M.
During the open house information session starting at 5 p.m., Navy representatives will provide information and answer questions about the Proposed Actions and environmental analysis presented in the Draft EIS. A short presentation by the Navy will begin at 6:30 p.m. followed by a verbal comment session. Comments will be accepted throughout the public meeting.
Tuesday, March 3, 2015 Chimacum High School Commons
91 W. Valley Road
Chimacum, WA 98325

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

North Kitsap High School Commons
1780 NE Hostmark St.
Poulsbo, WA 98370

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