Posted by: arbeam | March 11, 2015

USS Bremerton Visits Bremerton


Bremerton Arriving

From Feb 25 to March 3, the city of Bremerton & the Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula Council of Navy League had the honor of hosting their adopted submarine, the USS Bremerton, during it’s port visit here. It was a great honor to participate in the events with “our” boat. Several crewmen had relatives that came from around the country to spend time with their sailors during the time in Bremerton.


One person from the City Council and one Navy Leaguer had the privilege of going out to meet the boat just beyond Bainbridge island’s southern point and ride it in to the dock. This was a very exciting honor to have.

Byron Faber Sail

After the boat docked & things were settled, there was a reception at the Sam Adams pub for the crew, hosted by Navy League. Most of the crew were able to attend if they didn’t have duties aboard.



Thursday morning included an interview of the skipper by the Kitsap Sun and nice articles followed during the next few days. Thursday was also the day for the former skippers to be hosted for lunch in the wardroom. There are 4 former COs in this area. Thursday night some of the wardroom had a dinner at Byron’s house, with help from some of the Navy League members. It was certainly a fun gathering!

Alan Beam(#3), Tom Zwolfer (#11). Wes Brigham (#14). Jerry Logan (#10), Commissioning CO Tom Anderson , could not attend.

Capt Alan Beam(#3), Capt Tom Zwolfer (#11). Cdr Wes Brigham (Current CO #14). Capt Jerry Logan (#10). Commissioning CO Capt Tom Anderson, could not attend.

Friday was a day for tours of the boat from morning to mid day, to include the Silverdale Navy Recruiter group and then the Navy League, followed by a reception at RDML Kriete’s house and then a Khaki event with the host boat, the USS Nebraska. Fischler Park

Saturday found about 20 of the Bremerton’s sailors working at Hal Fischler Park at the north end of the Warren Ave bridge. The Park is named for one of the founding members of the Bremerton Navy League.  They cleared out over a ton of overgrowth and cleaned up the area where the huge anchor & anti aircraft guns from the original USS Bremerton Cruiser from WWII are located. There is a new plaque mounted on the anchor, showing both the cruiser & submarine named for our city.


Saturday evening there was a reception at McCloud’s on Perry Ave for crew, with transportation arranged by the Navy League.


Sunday was mostly left open for everyone to do as they wished on their own time, and then with a dinner hosted by Alan at his house for the Chiefs.


Monday morning and mid day there was a softball game between the Bremerton & the host boat, the Nebraska. (Bremerton won!!)

Mayors Reception

Monday evening there was a reception at the conference room of the Norm Dicks center, hosted by the Mayor. During the event, one of the sailors was presented with his hard earned Dolphins during a very impressive ceremony. Four of the Bremerton’s sailors were also presented plaques from the Navy League for their exemplary service during the previous year.


Awards & gifts were exchanged between the city & the boat, and the boat presented the Navy League with a very nice picture of the boat at periscope depth taken from the air during exercises off Kauai.

Bremerton departing 1

Tuesday morning’s departure was under bright blue skies.

The planning & funding of the week’s events involved many people from Sub Group 9, the Mayor’s office, Navy League and the USS Nebraska.  Thanks to everyone involved in showing the USS Bremerton that they are respected & loved by our community.


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