Posted by: arbeam | May 22, 2015

June 4: Battle of Midway Ceremony at NBK Bremerton

Battle of midway

You are cordially invited to attend the Naval Base Kitsap Battle of Midway Ceremony on NBK Bremerton Pier Charlie,  Thursday, 4 June 2015 from 0900-1000 (request audience arrive no later than 0845).

This year marks the 73rd Anniversary of one of the Navy’s and the nation’s most historically significant Naval victories.  The Battle of Midway occurred during the period of  4-7 June, 1942 and changed the tide of the war in the Pacific and the course of world history.

In the summer of 1942 Admiral Yamamoto decided to try and capture the US base on MIDWAY Island. Unknown to him, Japanese communication codes had been broken by US Intelligence, so the US knew the Japanese fleet was coming. The Japanese Navy lost all four of her aircraft carriers and Yamamoto was forced to retreat.

In order to remember and honor the sacrifices of the shipmates before us, a wreath laying ceremony will be conducted. NBK commander Captain Thomas Zwolfer will be Master of Ceremonies, Captain John Ring will be the Guest Speaker.

Please RSVP by calling the NBK Command Staff at (360) 627-4000.  Request you RSVP prior to 29 MAY.


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