Posted by: arbeam | August 10, 2015

Kitsap County Veterans Memorials and Museums

Kitsap County Veterans Memorials and Museums
UPDATED 9 August 2015
Written and researched by Marion T, (Mick) Hersey, Historical Memorial Preservationist
Layout assistance and editing by Leif Bentsen

Memorial Day 2013     Chris Davies

Bremerton Lone Sailor Memorial Day 2013 Chris Davies

I would like to cordially invite you to view the Memorials and Museums to Veterans throughout Kitsap County. Over the past 5 years I have led groups in refurbishing and cleaning up a lot of these sites. When I started this project in 2010 I did not realize there were so many memorials and museums in our county, the current count is over 100, (This is counting all Boardwalk plaques as 1 even though there are over 300).

 Kitsap History Veteran’s Memorials -9 Aug 2015

The 2 of the newest memorials in 2014 were in honor of John D. (Bud) Hawk. At the Veteran’s Day Service a portion of Illahee RD in front of Brownsville Elementary was named “John (Bud) Hawk Memorial DR” and discussion took place to honor him with a Elementary School. The new Elementary school in Jackson Park is now called “The John D. “Bud” Hawk Elementary School at Jackson Park”. We also welcomed an addition to Evergreen Park, the 9-11 Memorial. On the Boardwalk we dedicated and placed a Memorial stone to those that perished from Washington State on the USS Frank E. Evans. So we are expanding our listing with these Memorials, Honorariums and Museums.

This year in 2015, the crew of the USS Bremerton came to town and the plaque in honor of their Submarine was added to the Memorial at Hal’s Corner. Memorials were also added as they were located at the VFW in honor of their member who was a Medal of Honor Recipient and in Port Orchard, the Clayton Playground which is named after Michael Clayton.


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