Posted by: arbeam | December 17, 2015

Navy seeking Historical Information on Bangor Operations

United States Navy Seeking Historical Information
Navy Seeking Individuals with Knowledge of Historical Operations in Bangor, WA

The Navy is conducting research at Naval Base Kitsap Bangor (NBK Bangor) in Bangor, Washington, formerly known as Naval Magazine Facility Bangor, Naval Ammunition Depot Bangor, and Naval Submarine Base Bangor. The purpose of the research is to verify the ordnance-related history of the installation and potential areas of concern, and determine whether any additional actions may be needed to protect human health and the environment. Information the Navy is seeking to verify includes the types of ordnance that were transported, stored, used or otherwise handled at Bangor, areas of the installation where ordnance activities occurred, and areas of previous discoveries of ordnance or ordnance-related impacts. If you can provide relevant information about NBK Bangor, please contact:
Ray Kobeski, NAVFAC NW Project Manager, (360) 396-0597,


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