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Pacific Submarine Force announces 2015 Battle “E” winners


PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii – Winners of the Pacific Submarine Force 2015 Battle Efficiency (Battle “E”) competition were announced Jan. 1, 2016, in a message to the Force from Rear Adm. Frederick J. Roegge, commander, Submarine Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet (COMSUBPAC).

“The competition for Battle Efficiency awards was extremely tough,” said Roegge in his message to the force. “These awards recognize commands which were evaluated during the past year to have attained the highest overall or departmental readiness to carry out their wartime tasks.”

“Each crew member of an award winner can be justifiably proud of their contribution to improve Pacific Submarine Force readiness,” Roegge continued. “I am extremely proud of your outstanding performance. Well done and congratulations!”

The Battle “E” competition is conducted annually to strengthen individual command performance, improve overall force readiness, and recognize outstanding performance. The award symbolizes overall readiness of commands throughout the Pacific Submarine Force, and their ability to carry out assigned wartime tasks.

Based on criteria compiled over a year-long competition, units from each submarine squadron in the Pacific Fleet are recognized, in addition to submarine tenders and special category assets. The awards are presented by the leadership of each squadron or command to the unit under their charge, which has demonstrated the highest level of battle readiness during the evaluation year.

The 2015 COMSUBPAC Battle “E” winners, their homeports, and commanding officers are:

Commander, Submarine Development Squadron (SUBDEVRON) 5, based in Bangor, Washington – the lead ship of her class, attack submarine USS Seawolf (SSN 21), commanded by Cmdr. Jeff Bierley.

SUBRON 17, based in Bangor, Washington – the Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine USS Nevada (SSBN 733), whose Blue Crew was commanded by Cmdr. James McIver, and Gold Crew was commanded by Cmdr. Chad Hennings.

SUBRON 19, based in Bangor, Washington – the Ohio-class guided missile submarine USS Michigan (SSGN 727), whose Gold Crew was commanded during the competition by Capt. Benjamin Pearson and Capt. Gustavo Gutierrez, and whose Blue Crew was commanded during the competition by Capt. Erik Burian and Capt. Joseph Turk.

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