Posted by: arbeam | August 6, 2016

USS Bremerton Change of Command

Commander Wesley Bringham was relieved by Commander Travis Zettel as Commanding Officer USS Bremerton (SSN-698) on 5 August 2016 at Pearl Harbor HI. IMG_5843

Brem COC 2016

The Bremerton Olympic Peninsula Council was represented at the ceremony by Pat and Byron Faber and Pam and Bob Battin.

Bringham COC

USS Bremerton is the oldest commissioned submarine in the fleet, as such she has the honor of carrying the Dick O’Kane cribbage board. O’Kane’s lucky cribbage board has become an important submariner tradition; since WWII it has been passed along to the oldest active submarine in the United States Pacific Fleet. Once the sub is decommissioned, it is given to the next oldest submarine, where it is placed in the wardroom. As a departure gift Byron presented Wes Bringham a Bremerton Cribbage Board.

Cribbage Board

Cdr Brigham’s next assignment is on the Staff of Submarine Squadron One in Pearl Harbor.

Cdr Wesley Bringham departing.

Cdr Wesley Bringham departing.




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