Posted by: arbeam | January 19, 2017

Spring Tour Planning

Feb 15 Strategic Weapons Facility Pacific Tour (Note the Date Change) This Tour is full.

March 30Boeing Renton 737 Final Assembly and P-8 Installation and Checkout Facility  12:30 PM – 4:00 PM The Boeing 737 and P-8 tour is an unusual opportunity.  We are limited to 25 guests.

April possible sub tour

May 19NAVMAG Indian Island at 9 AM

June 8US Coast Guard Maritime Force Protection Unit Bangor (MFPU)

Boeing P-8 Tour

Boeing-p-8The P-8 Poseidon is a militarized version of the Boeing 737 single-aisle jetliner hardened for maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare (ASW) missions. The P-8 replaces the Lockheed Martin P-3 Orion maritime patrol turboprop aircraft. It is designed to operate at extremely low altitudes over the ocean during close-in searches for potentially hostile submarines. The P-8A is designed to withstand the rigors of low-altitude turbulence and exposure to salt spray.

Boeing Commercial Airplanes employees assemble the P-8 aircraft — which are based on the company’s Next-Generation 737 commercial airplane — in Renton, Wash. Following final assembly, the P-8s make a short flight to Boeing Field. Inside a new facility, Defense, Space & Security employees will complete systems installation and testing prior to customer delivery.

Boeing is using a proven in-line production process to efficiently design and build the aircraft. All aircraft modifications unique to the P-8 are made in sequence during fabrication and assembly. Implementing established best practices and common, commercial production-system tools enables the team to reduce flow time and cost while ensuring quality.

The P-8 is built by a Boeing-led industry team that includes CFM International, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Spirit AeroSystems, GE Aviation and BAE Systems.

The Navy P-8 Squadrons are stationed at NAS Whidbey Island and NAS Jacksonville FL.

Navmag Indian Island

USNS Wally Schirra (L), USNS Carl Brashear (R) loading at NavMag Indian Island

NAVMAG is one of two West Coast ports upgraded for the efficient trans-shipment of containerized ammunition in the event of mobilization. The Department of Defense’s largest crane is at the Indian Island ammunition pier.




US Coast Guard Maritime Force Protection Unit Bangor (MFPU Bangor)

08subbeingescortedouttoseaMFPU Bangor provides protective escort to SSBNs leaving for or returning from deployment. The MFPU is one of two units that were established in 2007; the other unit operates out of Naval Base Kings Bay GA.

Because the US Navy does not have law enforcement authority a unique arrangement was made with the USCG in that, while the 150 personnel in the MFPU  are members of the Coast Guard and their boats have Coast Guard paint and markings, all assets are actually owned by the Navy.  And all costs, including for personnel, are paid for by the Navy.

There are four types of boat used in SSBN escort service.  The largest is the 250′ blocking vessel.  Then there is the 87′ reaction vessel, next a 64′ large screening vessel and finally the 33′ small screening vessel (which is made by SAFE Boats in Bremerton).  Each type is used every time as a Security Package.

Please let me know if you want to attend.  The last 2 tours have been oversubscribed, so it is good to get your notice in first before the slots are gone. When I get particulars about security requirements and time & place to meet, I will let the folks who sign up know.  US citizenship is required.


Home: 360-638-1235
Cell: 360-434-1144


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