Posted by: arbeam | February 4, 2017

Bremerton Navy League Honors Captain Thomas Zwolfer

Captain Thomas Zwolfer was honored at the January 14, 2017 Bremerton Navy League Installation Dinner. He was presented the Navy League Certificate of Appreciation for his support of the Navy League. Captain Zwolfer has served as the Commanding Officer of Naval Base Kitsap for the last three years and has recently relived as the Chief of Staff for Navy Region Northwest. capt-zwolfer

Captain Thomas Zwolfer  As Commander of Navy Base Kitsap he has been Bremerton Navy League’s strongest military supporter. He worked tirelessly to ensure that we had access to the base and its facilities. He has excelled in his role as the Chief Military Liaison to the local Community. His tireless efforts have resulted in Naval Base Kitsap being awarded as the best Navy Base in the Country for 2016. He goes out of his way to provide a positive image for the Navy; greeting ships, speaking at historical events, judging military culinary arts competitions and science fairs. Additionally he was the 11th Commander of our USS Bremerton.


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