Posted by: arbeam | February 6, 2017

Navy League Members Honored at Awards Banquet

Instead of presenting the traditional gavel to the past presidents, Tim katonaKatona and Larry Salter were given Belaying Pins. Belaying pins were multipurpose instruments of naval power in the days of sail. Their primary salterpurpose was to trim the sails and set the ship on her proper course. Additionally in time of battle they could be readily removed and used as a weapon. Incoming President Alan Beam thanked Katona and Salter for their leadership and guidance.

ellingsonDave Ellingson Mister Money. He put order into our finances, initiated fundraising programs at Amazon Smiles, State and Federal fundraising campaigns. He coordinates with the USS Washington Commissioning Committee and their fund raising activities when he isn’t putting out fires or driving his corvette. As Duty Driver this year he made 3 passes through the Armed Forces parade driving dignitaries.


George Rose  Mister Continuity. He has beengeorge-rose our Judge Advocate General for the last 5 years ensuring we are living by our bylaws. He is the front face of our council organizing and running our front desk for the luncheons.

mackieAlan Beam Communicator extrodinaire. Built and runs our website, emails, newsletter and facebook. This year our council’s website earned the Navy League Mackie Award as the Best website in the Navy League.


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