Posted by: arbeam | February 9, 2017

“The Usual Suspects” Honored at the Awards Dinner

We have a corps of supporters that are omnipresent. They can be depended upon to be at every event, Changes of Command, retirement ceremonies, Navy/Submarine/ SeaBee/Supply Corp/Marine Corps/Birthday Balls, Tours, Ship Arrivals, Armed Forces Festival/ Memorial Day/ Veterans Day/ MIAPow Day/Pearl Harbor Day/ Midway Day, Unit Christmas Parties/ Pancake Breakfasts, Picnics, Fundraisers, …


This group is lead by Helen Miller, Bob Lamb, Neva Lamb, Byron Faber, and Pat Faber.

helen-millerHelen Miller is everywhere all the time! It took her two years to coordinate the delivery of a donated pool table to the Marine Corps Security Battalion.  She has donated hundreds of books to local military units. She is far and away our best recruiter bringing in dozens of new members. She is the Chief Pancake Cook for the Bangor Coast Guard Christmas Pancake Breakfast. For her steadfast support she has been named an Official Ambassador of the Bremerton Navy League.



Bob Lamb Our Social Secretary,bob-and-neva-lamb
He is the Chief Coordination point for getting a Navy League presence at all the Navy activities. Born and raised in Bremerton, Bob serves as our unofficial historian and teller of tales. Neva Lamb Our Chief Auditor and excellent hostess, she has run the front desk at all our activities and generally keeps everyone in line.





pat-and-byron-faberByron Faber Mr Tour Director. Plans coordinates and directs all our tours. As such he is one of the Council’s outside faces. His tours are one of our council’s special activities. It is a chief recruiting tool for new members and an excellent method of highlighting the Navy to the general public. He is the adopted unit liaison for the USS Bremerton (SSN-698) and the Precommissioning USS Washington (SSN-787). This makes him the representative to the newest and the oldest submarines in the Navy. He has visited both ships both here and in their home ports. He personally developed a set of unit specific awards for each submarine. Pat Faber is one of our primary supporter of local unit’s families. She is a primary coordinator for unit Christmas parties, picnics, baby showers and other family support. She raises funds for gift cards, small gifts and presents, collects and distributes donations, all with contagious enthusiasm.


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