Posted by: arbeam | May 7, 2017

Bremerton Armed Forces Festival 25th Annual Military Culinary Arts Competition


What started off as a Navy Chili Cook Off grew into a full blown Culinary Arts Exposition. It draws contestants from all services throughout the state including teams from Joint Base Lewis McChord JBLM), Naval Base Kitsap(NBK), Naval Base Everett(NSE), Naval Air Station Whidbey Island(NASWI), Naval Hospital Bremerton(NHB), USS John C Stennis,  USS Nebraska, USS Kentucky B, USS Pennsylvania G, USCGC Sea Fox, Washington State National Guard, and Olympic College Veterans,

CS2 Ashlyn Windsor and BM1 Hans Schultz

The featured event is a Battling Chefs Competition where teams have to compose a menu, cook and present a meal with each dish incorporating the secret selected ingredients (Duck Quarters, Pork Belly, Greek Yogurt, Panko Bread Crumbs, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Rainbow Carrots and Nutella). This year’s winner was the 87 foot US Coast Guard Cutter Sea Fox (WPB-87374) with a crew of 10.






Chili- 1. NASWI 2. NBK TPU 3. USS Kentucky Blue
Ribs- 1. NASWI 2. JBLM 3. USS John C Stennis
Wings – 1. NASWI 2. NBK UH 3. USS John C Stennis
Cake – 1. NASWI  2. NBK 3. JBLM
Hor D’oeuvers – 1. JBLM 2. JBLM  3. USS Nebraska G
Dessert 1. JBLM 2. JBLM 3. NNBK TPU
Battling Chefs -1. USCGC Sea Fox 2. Olympic College Veterans 3. NASWI

Overall – 1. JBLM 2. NASWI 3. USS John C Stennis

Joint Base Lewis McChord –  Overall Winners


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