Posted by: arbeam | September 21, 2017

Navy League Luncheon September

The Speaker for our September Luncheon Was CDR Homer Ring. He has successfully completed a Shipyard Decommissioning Availability as Commanding Officer USS Houston (SSN-713). In keeping with our Theme of reviewing the War in the Pacific portion of the 75th Anniversary of WW II.  CDR Ring Related the Second War patrol of the USS Trout SS 202.

It was January 1942 and the US Army in the Philippines was running out of Anti Aircraft ammunition. The USS Trout was stripped of all of unessential gear and loaded with  3,500 rounds of mechanically-fuzed, high altitude ammunition for the defenders of Corregidor. A submarine was needed to elude the Japanese forces.

After the shells were delivered Trout needed to take on Ballast to allow it to submerge. trout’s request for Sandbags was denies but a compromise was reached. the Army needed to evacuate the Philippine Gold supply to ensure it wouldn’t be captured. So USS Trout took on 20 tons of gold as ballast. Read the full story The Golden Patrol of USS Trout (SS202).


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