Posted by: arbeam | November 26, 2017

Dec 12: Annual Business Meeting

The December monthly luncheon will be our Annual Business Meeting. As such we will not have a Guest Speaker.  In this meeting we will summarize our activities, Commissioning of the USS Washington, Armed Forces Festival, Veterans Day, etc. and elect a new slate of Officers.


The nominating committee has put forth the following Slate of officers:

  • President – Steve Westover
  • Vice President – David Ellingson
  • Second Vice President – Byron Faber
  • Treasurer – Larry Tellinghuisen
  • Secretary – Joe Hulsey
  • JAG – Robert Battin
  • Past President – Alan Beam
  • National Director – Larry Salter

Bremerton Bylaws

Section 1
This Council shall have the following elected Officers: President, one or more Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Secretary and Judge Advocate. Additional Vice Presidents may be elected for functional areas as required.

During the year, the President may propose to the Board any new Vice President required. After Board approval, a confirmation by membership vote at the next meeting will be required.

Section 2
The Board of Directors shall consist of the Officers, the immediate past President and a minimum of ten elected Directors. During the year, the President may propose to the Board any new Director required. After Board approval a confirmation by membership vote at the next meeting will be required.

Section 3
The Officers and Directors of this Council shall be elected for a term of one year or until their successors are elected. The President shall not be elected for more than two consecutive terms.
Section 4
Officers and Directors shall be elected by a majority of those members present and voting, by secret ballot unless there is but one candidate for an office, in which case election may be by voice vote. Elections will be held at the Annual Meeting. Installation of new Officers and Directors may follow the elections at the Annual Meeting, or be conducted at a subsequent meeting or event. The President shall have the authority to fill a vacancy, should one arise, subject to ratification by the Board of Directors at its next meeting.

Article VIII – Meetings

The general membership of this Council shall meet at least once each quarter upon call by the President. Ten percent (10%) of the membership shall constitute a quorum. The Annual Meeting of Members shall be held during the last quarter of the fiscal year. At this meeting, the President, Treasurer and Secretary shall submit their annual reports to the members. (Copies of these reports must be sent to National Headquarters with copies to the appropriate State and Region Presidents.) Elections for Council Officers and Directors for the subsequent fiscal year also shall be held at this meeting. Written proxies shall be allowed at all membership meetings.


Toys for Tots will also be collected. Please bring an unwrapped toy or a donation for this wonderful program.

Our social hour will begin at 11 am; opening will be at 11:45 followed by lunch. Location is the Bangor Conference Center, Trident Ballroom, NBK, Bangor.

Registration: Please call Realty Station  at 360 377-5699 for your lunch registration. Please call before Nov 7.

  • Members without base access; processing time can take weeks.
  • Please give your name as it appears on your driver’s license.
  • Spell your name to make certain that it will be correct on the gate access sheet. Provide your date of birth and city of birth.

Members without enhanced WA Drivers License need to be on the base access list or be escorted.

Bremerton Olympic Peninsula Council CFC# 19117, CFD #1481953. 







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