Posted by: arbeam | December 28, 2017

Dec 18: Tour of USCG Station Marathon Florida

USCG Station Marathon Florida

On Monday December 18, two of our Council’s members were in the Florida Keys at the town of Marathon.  We called to ask if we could visit and have a tour, and were delighted  that they welcomed us. The station there has a mission of search and rescue mainly, as well as ensuring compliance with safe boating practices.  Although they do not have a helicopter based there, they do have at least monthly practice exercises with the Navy helicopters from Key West.






The base is commanded by an E9 and has about 30 personnel assigned. Our guide was primarily a mechanic but also was the main first aid teacher and medical support, MK3 David Wiegman. It was interesting that one of the fellows had been stationed at Bangor on a blocking boat that accompanied the subs.  This was when CDR Tom Sullivan was the CO. As we walked around the base, we came across several large iguanas.

We also saw some very nice looking housing units that any of us can arrange to rent, right on the canal where they tie up the boats.  Several of their boats were made in Bremerton at SAFE boats.  These are their favorites.

By the way, the amount of destruction from the hurricane on September 10 is astounding.  Many houses, businesses, trees, roads, parks and beaches were either destroyed or severely damaged.  There were debris piles of household goods, appliances, trees and chunks of concrete along the roads that went for many blocks.  These are slowly being cleared, but immediately after the storm the debris piles were 3 or 4 stories tall. Most are down to 5-10 ft tall now. The people are resilient and working hard to restore normalcy (and want everyone to know that the Keys are open for business) but it will be over a year getting squared away again. – Byron







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