Posted by: arbeam | March 6, 2018

Bremerton NL Visit to Honolulu

On Feb 23, 2018, Bremerton Navy Leaguers Bob & Pam Battin, as well as Byron & Pat Faber, met with several wives of the USS Bremerton at Honolulu, Hi at an incredible breakfast hosted by the Battins.

Included were the wives of the CO, XO, COB, Ombudsman, FRG representative and in laws of the Zettels.   We were able to give them the 4 award plaques we provide yearly to some of the outstanding Bad Fish sailors, as well as discuss some of the planning we are doing for the arrival of the boat, presumably this spring.  The exact date hasn’t been released yet for operational security purposes.

Many of the wives will be on hand here to welcome the boat as it arrives at the base in Bremerton, and in fact, we learned that some of the crew’s wives were here already.  We asked that they pass along our wishes for them to contact us so that we can give them a proper Navy League welcome to the Pacific NW.

After this meeting, Byron went to SUBPAC headquarters to see the RADM Pilly Lent award.  It is proudly displayed at the awards case at the entry to the silver dolphin galley, as the first in line of many other awards.

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