Posted by: arbeam | March 27, 2018

Apr 10: Luncheon Speaker David Reams USS Indianapolis Discovery

Mr. David Reams- Director, Yacht Operations-Vulcan, Inc.  Mr. Reams will be giving a presentation on the mission to locate the USS Indianapolis (CA-35). You may remember from our February Luncheon that locating a shipwreck is very challenging.

The USS Indianapolis played a pivotal role in moving the atomic bomb for our forces to eventually drop on Japan, ending WWII. After delivering the parts, the Indianapolis met with a terrible fate, being sunk by Japanese torpedos and, due to the secrecy of its mission the loss was not known for some time. Vulcan, Inc, a Paul Allen owned company, set out to locate the wreck and successfully did so. Mr. Reams is going to tell us about that momentous discovery and what is happening since. This will be a joint meeting with the Naval Submarine League and we expect attendance to be high.

Our social hour will begin at 11AM with the meeting starting at 11:45 in the Bangor Conference Center, Trident Ballroom, Naval Base Kitsap, Bangor.

For lunch registration, please call Realty Station at 360 377-5699 by Apr 3.

For members without base access, processing can take some days. We will take that job on if you call. When registering provide your name as it appears on your Driver’s License and date and city of birth.

Members without an Enhanced Washington Drivers license or a passport will need to be escorted onto the base.


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