Posted by: arbeam | April 12, 2018

LT Nicholas Vilardi Named the Radm Willis A. “Pilly” Lent 2018 Submarine War Fighting Award Winner

LT Nick Vilardi’s outstanding performance as Navigator on USS PASADENA during 2017 served as an inspiration for tactical warfighting in the Pacific Submarine Force and is most assuredly deserving of recognition as the RADM Willis A. Lent Tactics and Warfighting Award.

As the Navigator on USS PASADENA, LT Vilardi served as a primary Officer of the Deck during two missions vital to national security, where the ship operated in some of the most challenging areas that our submarine force deploys to in the Western Pacific. His tactical skill and warfighting instincts were instrumental to the success of several “first-evers” in the force, including tactical doctrine development of the first deployed Unmanned Aerial System from a SSN and a combat logistics demonstration alongside a submarine tender at a location not used since the end of World War II.

Following PASADENA’s deployment, he continued to help shape future warfighters and develop tactical doctrine as OOD and Command Duty Officer during several fleet exercises. The skill and adroitness with which he handled the ship during simulated approach and attack scenarios against several deploying Carrier and Expeditionary Strike Groups provided a realistic and challenging adversary that was instrumental to certifying them in their Anti-Submarine Warfare mission areas. He was specifically cited by Commander, THIRD Fleet for the training value he provided to the fleet.

As the most senior Department Head, LT Vilardi served as the Third Officer and was integral to the PASADENA’ s success throughout 2017. As a result of his outstanding performance and leadership, not only was PASADENA recognized as the 2017 Submarine Squadron ELEVEN Battle Efficiency “E” recipient, his department also received the Red and Green “N” as the best Navigation/Operations Department on the San Diego waterfront.

Following the completion of his tour on PASADENA in November 2017, LT Vilardi was hand-picked by Commander, Submarine Squadron ELEVEN to fill an urgent gap as Weapons Officer on USS ANNAPOLIS as she conducted an inter-fleet transfer from Groton, CT to San Diego, CA. As Weapons Officer he has brought necessary experience and breadth of knowledge to the ship as ANNAPOLIS returns to operations following a 2-year Engineering Overhaul.

LT Vilardi demonstrated throughout his tour that he is a future submarine force leader. While much of the specifics of his tactical prowess and accomplishments remain classified, suffice it to say that the Force will be studying the results of his operations for years to come. There is no better Officer in the Fleet that epitomizes the courage, daring and nerve of RADM Willis A. Lent.

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