Posted by: arbeam | May 7, 2018

Apr 27: USS Bremerton Arrival at NBK Bremerton

Completing 37 years of service USS Bremerton (SSN-698), the longest serving submarine in the Force, arrived at NBK Bremerton to commence the inactivation process.  Always pushing the envelop USS Bremerton deployed to her first homeport of Pearl Harbor by way of an Indian Ocean deployment three and a half months after commissioning. She completed her 15th and last deployment on 10 April 2018.

Bremerton embarked the Commissioning Commanding Officer Captain Thomas Anderson for the final voyage.  He had the honor of issuing the first order to dive and the final order to surface. Covering the Alphabet from A to Z, Anderson  was the first CO and Cdr Travis Zettel was the last.

Following a brief stand down to move families, Bremerton will enter Puget Sound Naval Shipyard to begin the inactivation process which involves defueling,   decommissioning and ultimately recycling.

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