Posted by: arbeam | May 7, 2018

Apr 29: Tour of the USS Bremerton

What a privilege & honor it is to be a member of Navy League!!  The amazing experiences we get to share!  We deeply appreciate the association we’ve had with the SUPERIOR officers & crew of the Bad Fish over the years.

Our last trip down the metal ladder into the USS Bremerton was both rejoicing & heartbreaking.  Our hands touched the spots on the ladder where hundreds of young hands had also touched.

We had an outstanding tour from LCDR Greg Crosby, but it seemed a lot to ask of him at such a significant time.  It is probably one of his last guided tours of this boat.  His professional ability was so evident as he told us the workings of the control room, torpedo room, machinery spaces, berthing areas, crew’s mess, wardroom, etc.  It was as if we were new recruits, seeing it all for the first time.  What a natural born leader Greg Crosby is.  We’d have followed him, just from his competence & confidence alone.

We all felt the sadness of the Bremerton’s service life drawing to an end.   As we stood in the main control room, we looked around at the diving plane controls, knowing she would never dive again, at the periscope, knowing that she’d never spot another vessel again, at the sonar that would forever be quiet, at the maps, knowing that she’d never chart a new course and travel the world again.

We’ve had the distinct pleasure of going on sub tours before, but this was more of a “goodbye tour”.

I have never had the honor of serving on a sub before, but we can all speak of bereavement, like when you hold your parent’s hand the last time or put down a favorite pet.

As we turned away for the last time, we looked back at the spots of rust on her conning tower & the seaweed on her hull & imagined that beautiful black primered body of a MAGNIFICENT & powerful warship as if she were new.

The Bremerton will always be a beloved memory and have a special place  in thousands of people’s minds & hearts.  Whether you were lucky enough to serve upon her or were family or friends with someone aboard, the hard work of her crews through the many years of service will always make us proud.   Proud to have been a part of her life & proud to be an American.  – Pat Faber



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