Posted by: arbeam | July 23, 2018

President’s Corner

The dog days of summer! As I write this its 92 degrees outside, which is hot for our region. We had a good turnout for our July luncheon, where Mr. Jake Delaney gave us insight into the planning for the Columbia Class submarine program, which will replace our aging Ohio class submarine fleet. Several people attending the luncheon commented on how long it takes to develop a new submarine, but any of you that have joined us on our submarine tours, know how complex a submarine is, and its mind bogging that it can even be accomplished at all! Add to that all the required reviews and testing and you end up with a very long development schedule.

We have had several people join as new members in the last month and also have a new community affiliate, Bremerton Historic Ships Association. Well done to those who have recruited the new members.

The US Coast Guard was established on August 4th, 1790. In honor of the August Anniversary (or Birthday), next month’s luncheon will honor the Coast Guard. We have invited Capt Brendan McPherson, Chief of Staff of the Coast Guard 13th District to be our luncheon speaker. I look forward to an entertaining and informative presentation about the US Coast Guard and the 13th district. For those who may not know, the 13th district includes Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.

I hope to see you at the luncheon.

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