Posted by: arbeam | July 28, 2018

Jul 12: NL our of Strategic Weapons Facility Pacific

On July 12th, the Bremerton Olympic Peninsula Council of the Navy League toured the Strategic Weapons Facility Pacific (SWFPAC).  Navy Leaguers met at The Keyport Museum to board the tour bus, get badges for the tour and receive the initial briefing by the SWFPAC PAO Brandie Klaasen.

Upon arrival at Naval Base Kitsap Bangor, we proceeded to Missile Assembly Building #3 (MAB-3).  Due to building personnel limits, the tour group was divided into two groups.  One group toured MAB-3 while the other had an opportunity to tour Marine Corps Security Force Battalion armored vehicles staged in the parking lot and talk with members of the battalion.

During the MAB-3 tour, a safety brief was provided by Lockheed Martin personnel, the Navy prime contractor for missile body operations at SWFPAC.  An animated film was shown that depicted the D-5 missile flight sequence from launch from a submerged submarine, powered flight through first, second and third stages, post boost control operations including updating the onboard computer through a star sighting, payload release, and reentry.

The group was then provided an overview of SWFPAC D-5 missile production, the buildings/areas utilized in each step of missile assembly, and outload to an Ohio class SSBN.  Lockheed Martin personnel toured the Navy Leaguers through MAB-3 describing the various stages of missile processing in the building. This tour was a rare opportunity to experience the complexity of missile production and observe the safe and exacting procedures used to ensure reliable D-5 missiles are provided to the Pacific Fleet.

David Ellingson

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