Posted by: arbeam | October 1, 2018

President’s Corner Oct 2018

Fall is here! Nice to have the cooler days and some rain to douse the fires and feed our lawns! Our September luncheon speaker was Capt Mike Lockwood, the Commanding Officer of the University of Washington Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps. Both Alan Beam and I are alumni of the unit so it was good to hear about the happenings at Clark Hall, on campus. Capt Lockwood detailed the training that takes place at the unit and how the Midshipmen are selected. The indoctrination for incoming freshmen, is modeled after the Naval Academy, but much shorter (one week) and not as intense. The Navy continues to emphasize STEM core subjects; not a lot of history majors are being accepted. The program appears to be much more demanding than when Alan and I went through. The unit has the last sailing vessel still in service. The Navy has divested itself of the sailing program for the units, as the costs of maintaining and mooring the boats has become prohibitive. Through the philanthropy of UW NROTC alumni, the unit has been able to keep their boat and teach sailing to the midshipman.

The US Navy was established on October 13th, 1775, 243 years ago. As is our custom, we will have a Navy Speaker this month to help celebrate the birthday.

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