Posted by: arbeam | October 14, 2018

Sept 20: NUWC Keyport Tour

On 20 September, about 20 Navy League members visited the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Keyport Division for a site visit and demonstrations, hosted by Ms. Aime Lykins, Protocol Officer.

Mr. Eric Gillespie, Deputy Technical Director, provided a NUWC Keyport command introduction and overview of the broader Naval Sea Systems command. NUWC Keyport employs over 2,000 military and technical staff, including a broad distribution of engineers and scientists with advanced degrees.

Their charter is the full range of undersea weapon inservice engineering, test & evaluation, range operations and fleet support. While torpedo technology is the principal focus, they are adapting to new techniques, systems and operational challenges.

The two technology demonstrations included the Weapons Sonar Test Facility, where Mr. Richard Larvia, Systems Engineer described the use of pressure test vessel to simulate the full range of operational depth and temperature for live testing of sensors and systems; and the Innovation Lab, where Mr. Brian Dougherty, Chemical Engineer showed the development plans for a full range of new 3D printing and additive manufacturing techniques as applied to repair and prototyping of new components in metal and plastic. Both labs are providing technology support to operational units, engineering redesign, and are also available to support shipyard and other industrial partners.

The last visit was a new operational command, Unmanned Undersea Vehicle (UUV) Squadron One, uniquely hosted at NUWC to take advantage of the technical expertise there. LCDR Boatwright, Executive Officer UUVRON-1 presented an assortment of small UUVs, which are used for technology assessments and training.

Each demonstration stimulated a lot of discussion and questions. All in all, it was an interesting and engaging view into technology and operational expertise addressing the latest in operational and in-service challenges. – Provided by NL reporter John Barkley.

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