Posted by: arbeam | February 10, 2020

Captains Log USS Bremerton Feb 2020

We are quickly approaching the last year of the USS Bremerton’s time on the rolls of the United States Naval Registry.  Before looking ahead to what is to come I would like to look back at 2019 and what we have done.

BREMERTON entered 2019 by finishing the first of its kind Submarine Layup Availability, placing the system and boat into position for completion of inactivation and decommissioning in late 2020 into 2021.  This also meant merging the Crew of USS BREMERTON with the crew of USS JACKSONVILLE as they stand watch on both boats. While we are in the lull before the final availability to decommission BREMERTON I have focused the crew on improving themselves both professionally and personally.  To that end BREMERTON Sailors are supporting the fleet in supporting underways rides for qualifications, going to Navy Schools to further their skills and training, attending college and supported numerous community organizations by volunteering in the community.  Some of these volunteering activities included the Annual Kitsap Science and Engineering fair and cleaning up and painting various memorials and parks in the Bremerton area.  We are looking forward to continue supporting these efforts in the coming year.  For their outstanding effort last year the following Sailors were nominated and selected as the Sailor of the Quarters and Junior Sailors of the Quarters in 2019:

Quarter 1:  SOQ – MMN1 (SS) Korade, JSOQ – FT2 (SS) Davis

Quarter 2: SOQ – MMN1 (SS) Vause, JSOQ – ITS2 (SS) Wilson

Quarter 3: SOQ – MMN1 (SS) Lindly, JSOQ – TM2 (SS) Qualls

Quarter 4: SOQ – MMN1 (SS) Cherkauskas, JSOQ – EM2 (SS) Loomis

For the Year 2019: SOY – MMN1 (SS) Rice, JSOQ – ETR2 (SS) Kim

Looking ahead we will continue to support the city of Bremerton and other local charities by being ambassadors to the community.  We are also working closely with Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in finalizing BREMERTON’s last availability which will commence in early fall of 2020 and end with the official Decommissioning and crew release in the spring of 2021.  To support the decommissioning we will be having a final ceremony in 2021 to celebrate the 40 years of crews that have manned her and the service she has provided in defense of the United States.   During her 17 deployments BREMERTON earned:

Battle “E”: 1984, 1986

Navy Unit Commendation:  1984, 1986, 2003, 2013

Meritorious Unit Commendation: 1987, 2000, 2003, 2011,

Secretary Letter of Commendation: 1996, 1998

Navy Expeditionary Medal: 1981

I look forward to keeping you up to date on our plans as we move forward with the final stages of the Decommissioning of the BREMERTON.

Patriae Defensor Ad Hoc Adsum – Standing Ready to Defend our Country

CDR Chris Lindberg
Commanding Officer, USS BREMERTON (SSN 698)


  1. Thanks for the update – Means a lot to use former Bremerton sailers 1981-1985 You can find my name engraved on the AMR workbench! 🙂

  2. We had pulled into port PH in afternoon one day. I had the duty. Chrissy came down in the next AM to take me home after QTRs. Chrissy told the topside watch to let me know she was topside. The topside watch told her I was not on his crew. Chrissy wanted to see Duty Chief who asked Chrissy; Is your husband on the Bremerton? To which Chrissy replied; Yes, you know big Bang Chief. The Duty Chief tol d Chrissy; zim sorry ma’am, but your husband and the Bremerton department at 04:00, this is the USS INDIANAPOLIS.

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