Posted by: arbeam | October 4, 2020

USS Bremerton Captains Log Oct 2020






As I look back at the last six months, I observe a very different path then I, or anyone, was expecting.  With the outbreak of COVID-19 and the efforts which have been expended to contain and mitigate its spread, we have been focused on preparing for our next milestone, decommissioning the BREMERTON.  We are quickly wrapping up the Idle Period Availability and are fully into nesting in preps for the Propulsion Plant Defueling Availability.

Since I last wrote, we had four sailors successfully selected to the next rank.  EMN1 McGiveron,  EMN1 Misch, MMN1 Schmidt, and ETR2 Simon all proved their metal and are ready for the task at hand of taking on more of a leadership role.  I also have to congratulate COB Daly on his selection to the elite Master Chief ranks.  His performance speaks for itself and justly resulted in him being selected.  Congratulations to them all and on making BREMERTON proud.

I have said Aloha and Mahalo to LCDR Josh Weiss for his support and sage advice as my XO for the last 18 months as he has transferred to the Naval War College.  We welcomed LCDR Allan Hale who has stepped in and kept all the plates spinning in preparations for the upcoming availability.

As I stated above, we are making the final preparations for the BREMERTON to enter into the final stage of submarine life.  As sailors and those who support the naval service know, it is not one person who makes a submarine work but the crew of sailors, Chiefs, and Officers who bring the submarine to life.  With that knowledge over the course of 40 years, the BREMERTON has had that crew.  Looking back there have been 17 Commanding Officers and over 20 Chiefs of the Boat, 140 Officers, 200 Chiefs, and 1000 sailors who are the BREMERTON.

These 1400 plus sailors were supported by family who ensured they could focus on executing the mission at hand, from initial crew manning, through deployments, shipyard maintenance periods, and now her decommissioning.  To allow all who have served on or who support those who have served, we will be holding a decommissioning ceremony on April 16, 2021.   We will be following all protocols to maximize safety of those participating and the crew in our development to execute this momentous celebration.  This means we will be maximizing social distancing by facilitating a remote online celebration.  We will continue to monitor the COVID requirements as we move forward and adjust our plans to ensure we are incorporating current requirements.  The goal is to provide a safe celebration of the BREMERTON and the Crews successes over the last 40 years.

CAPT Chris Lindberg

Commanding Officer, USS BREMERTON (SSN 698)

The American Classic

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